Crows Nest Q 4355

  • 2-4 Charlotte Street Crows Nest
    2-4 Charlotte Street Crows Nest
  • Unit 1 24 Creek Street Crows Nest
    Unit 1 24 Creek Street Crows Nest
  • 2 Charlotte Street


    The commercial premises at 2 Charlotte Street, consisting of three retail shops/offices fronting the main shopping precinct of Crows Nest and an unused bakery at the rear were purchased in April 2014 to maximise the potential of the total building consisting of both #2 and #4 Charlotte Street thus presenting the opportunity of creating a uniform facade to the street-scape.

    Development is also taking place at the rear of the premises on the site of the old Crows Nest Bakery facing onto Esk Street. Enquiries and expressions of interest should be directed to the property managers at or by phone 0438 981 447.

    Map Location: 2 Charlotte Street, Crows Nest

  • 4 Charlotte Street


    The commercial building at 4 Charlotte Street was purchased by the Davies' family in December 1989. The premises were then operated as a single business known as the Sunshine Cafe, with a residential town house at the rear.

    In 1990 two thirds of the commercial premises were developed as a Restaurant and one third as a takeaway and leased out.

    In the ensuing years there were several lessees each bringing their own skills to bear with varying degrees of success.

    In 2003 the main building was divided into three with a Video store in Shop 1, Chinese Takeaway in Shop 2, and an accountant operating in shop 3.

    In 2013 the Chinese Takeaway relocated to Shop 1, an Interior Designer/decorator in Shop 2, and in February 2014 shop 3 was developed as a Coffee shop incorporating shop 2 in the process.


    Map Location:4 Charlotte Street, Crows Nest

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    Unit 1 24 Creek Street Crows Nest